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:: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 ::

They say that a hero can save us, I'm not gonna stand here and wait

Ahh, it's nice to have a day off when your not really supposed to, heh. Though I didn't really get to sleep in, it's still enjoyable. Hmm...I don’t have much to say I guess...

Oh, on Saturday night I was working from 5pm-until we closed and our building is connected to Starbucks, which is right next door to us, of course. Well, on my break around 8pm, I went over to get something to drink cause I had a friend that was working. When I went over there, I saw a bunch of police and they were interviewing my friend and the other workers and I'm like what the heck is going on... so I sit outside for the rest of my break and I go back to work. A little later on, a police dude came over and was asking one of my co-workers some questions and then he left. I came to find that Starbucks had been held at gunpoint and robed just about 20 minutes before I went on my break. The dude got away with over 5 grand.... dude that was pretty freaky. Though the stupid thing is that Starbucks has no cameras, no alarm on their back door, and they're windows are super tinted so you can't see what's going on from the outside. Esh, that's not cool. I'm glad that no one got hurt though...but that still sucks.

Yea, well dude I just gotta say that I have the BEST youth group in the world! Heh, how could I ask for more? On Sunday I had to work from 3:30pm-tell the time we closed and I wasn't able to make it to youth group...and I probably won't be able to anymore because they're having me close on the weekends. Anyways, I had been feeling pretty down this past week and my relationship with God had been suffering pretty badly. I was just falling away from God...I'm around negative influences every day and I was letting them get a hold of me, which cause my relationship with Christ to suffer. Though, I talked to a couple people about it in my youth group...they could tell I was pretty down. So, instead of having youth group on Sunday, they all drove over to visit me at work! It was so funny cause first Brandon came in and I looked up and saw him and I'm like "dude! What are you doing here?!" and he's all "oh I caught the bus." Which is funny cause he lives all the way on the other side of town! Heh, and then a little while later, Nate walks in and Brandon's all "dude Nate! What are you doing here?" and Nate's all "I caught the bus." hahaha. Then Alicia and Marci walk in and Nate and Brandon are all "Alicia! Marci! What are you guys doing here?" and this went on and on and until everyone was inside and they're all acting all surprised to see each other. Then they gave me a card in which they all signed...I was totally about to cry. Then they all bought ice cream and I took my break and we all hanged out for a bit. Man they're so awesome, I still feel like the luckiest person on earth. I didn't deserve that, but I'm so glad they did it. I love them so much! Afterwards I was reading the card they got me, and it heck of made me cry...aww, hehe I'm so blessed. I thank God so much...God's so good to me.

Heh, welp I should get ready... I have some stuff to do. I think I'm gonna die my hair today...thinkin' maybe a reddish brown, heh. We'll see...

Have a beautiful day!

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