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:: Saturday, March 23, 2002 ::

Watch your back, cause you know I will

Dude, I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow. I’m supposed to go to this out door event with the family, and then shopping for Colorado. I was pretty surprised that it rained today. Though it’s always nice to fall asleep with your window open a little bit, listening to the rain fall. Ahh…hehe.

Welp, today was interesting. We had this thing at school called the Marathon Dance for us Juniors (if you want to see pictures from the event, just go to my web site: www.geocities.com/split_side_03 and click on the highlighted “marathon dance”). It was pretty fun. We had to dress up in 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s style clothing. Or we could dress up as someone from that era. We had to have a partner to enter into the dance and they would pin numbers to the back of us so they could judge our outfit and write our number down. Also, if you weren’t dancing, they would stamp your number and you would get minus points. It sounds a bit corny, but it was still fun non-the-less. It was way hot though. Being stuffed in a cafeteria with the whole class of 2003 is not very kosher, heh.

A weird (but cool) thing that happened today was that during the marathon dance, I went to go get something to drink and this girl followed me and she tapped me on the shoulder and asked what my name was. I told her and she then asked if I was that girl reading the book Left Behind for the long form book report for Ms. McCart’s (English teacher) class. I told her yea, in much shock and wonder of how she knew I was the one Ms.McCart was talking about. I still don’t exactly know how she found out, but it’s not important. Though it was cool though because we got into this super long discussion about God and stuff like that. It turns out that she’s (Rachel) reading Left Behind also, for the long form book report. It was so awesome to just talk to her about it, and to express to each other our thoughts and feelings about God. We talked for about the last hour of the dance, and it was pretty amusing cause we had to keep ourselves moving while at the same time, hold a discussion. But Rachel’s a rad girl and I hope I get to talk to her more through out the year. It was nice to be able to meet and socialize with someone like her.

Anyways, I should go to sleep. I’m giving my testimony tomorrow at church and I’m pretty excited, heh. I hope my God will allow my feeble testimony to touch some hearts out there tomorrow :o)


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